General Motors Exploring Small Urban Transportation Concepts...Introduces EN-V

Our cities are becoming more populated with each passing day, meaning more fuel is being burned and more traffic is packing the already crowded streets. In places like New York City where this is already a problem, working around the issue is simply not an option. General Motors hopes to combat these matters with the introduction of their new EN-V Concept Vehicle.

The EN-V, which stands for Electric Networked Vehicle, is made for traversing the modern day urban jungle. By using a combination of GPS Technology, Distance Sensors and Vehicle-to-Vehicle communications, the EN-V is able to pilot itself around the streets and traffic of a large city without any issues. You are able to manually operate the vehicle if the urge strikes you, and you aren't too frustrated with traffic.

The EN-V gets its power from a small lithium ion battery stack located in the rear of the vehicle. Energy is sent to either of the two wheels and can push the little people hauler at speeds up to 25mph. While only two can fit in the EN-V comfortably, each unit is small enough that you can easily fit three into the average parking space.

The EN-V is still being tested and developed alongside SAIC, a technology firm based in China, with no official plans for production at this time. However, GM is hoping to have something similar to the EN-V fully operational and buzzing along our streets by 2030.

GM Media
Mar 30, 2010
by Anonymous


this is awesome!!!i would surely buy this.keep up the good work whoever invented this!i`m in my technology class by the way!bye!!!!!!gotta go before i get in trouble