Generate Electricity By Playing With SOCCKET


"We combine play with innovative technology to address real-world issues in a meaningful fun way." That's what Uncharted Play's website says, and with a product like the SOCCKET Soccer Ball, the ball that generates energy and can charge small electrical devices, they're living up to that statement.

SOCCKET Soccer BallSOCCKET Soccer Ball

First, let's take a look at what the SOCCKET does. It harnesses kinetic energy from play and converts that into electric energy that can power small devices. The SOCCKET weighs 17oz (just 2oz more than a normal soccer ball), doesn't need to be inflated (and will never deflate) and comes with a small LED lamp. In short, its magic. 

At PlayAt Play

Ok, so maybe the SOCCKET is not actually magic, but what the people at Uncharted Play hope to do with their retail sales is pretty magical. They hope to distribute SOCCKET kits to homes and communities around the world. The focus is on clean, reliable energy for those who don't have it, and that energy will come from something fun and creative. 

The SOCCKETT Soccer Ball is now in the USA and Mexico and are scheduled for distribution in Benin, Brazil, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and South Africa. Uncharted Play also had a large pilot program in Nigeria. 

Though the SOCCKET is currently sold out, however you can check out Uncharted Play's website and find out more about the product, Uncharted Play's mission and how you can help.