George Clooney in Jelly Beans - Colorful and Yummy!

Jelly Belly recently unveiled a portrait of George Clooney made entirely out of jelly beans. With cheeks made of cotton candy and hair highlighted in buttered popcorn, this 46-year-old actor is now immortalized in these tasty treats. The new portrait will be donated to a charity of Clooney's choice. It is currently on display at the Beverly Hills' Luxe Hotel.

I can't even imagine the time it would take to make one of these. Of course, mine would come out looking nothing like its intended creation. My George Clooney would come out looking like Bart Simpson. However, I admire the artists that can dedicate themselves to this. Jelly Belly has an online art gallery where they showcase their other pictures. A few of my favorites include Ronald Reagan, as shown here in this very patriotic portrait.

Larry King is also featured in their gallery. Here's my question: Are you considered truly 'famous' when Jelly Belly makes a jelly bean portrait of you? It's even possible that we could see a new trend at carnivals and fairs - jelly bean portraits. I'd definitely pay top-dollar for Berry Blue eyes, Tutti-Fruitti highlights and Sizzling Cinnamon lips.


What would your choice flavors be? Don't forget the gross flavored jelly beans like vomit and chocolate-covered bacon.


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Mar 6, 2008
by Anonymous

u r right about that !!!!!!

u r right about that !!!!!! yummy !!!!!!!!!! i want a bite from it/ him (whatever)!! :P lol

Mar 6, 2008
by Diana Eid

They should do the whole

They should do the whole cast of Ocean's Eleven :)