The GER Mood Sweater Knows How You Really Feel

 Secrets are becoming harder and harder to keep these days, what with instant communication between both friends and enemies and the latest apparel, that via technoogy, tells us all how we really feel about things. It is not recommended that you wear the Mood Sweater from Sensoree if you expect to be in the company of those you may dislike, for  your true feelings will be revealed whether you want them to be or not.


Mood Sweater: Source: Dezeen.comMood Sweater: Source:


How does the GER Sweater work?

Sensors  known as galvanic extimacy responders (GER) are placed on the hands to read and interpret electric currents produced by chemical action in the skin. These sensors are connected along translucent wires inside the sweater, which translates the readings into specific colors created by the lights. Simply put, the Mood Sweater from Sensoree interprets the wearer's emotions and displays them by creating a color light display via an illuminated collar.


Mood Sweater Collar: Source: Dezeen.comMood Sweater Collar: Source:


What do the different colors mean?

When glowing red, the white sweater is indicating that the wearer is either feeling anxious or in love;  when blue it means she is calm and collected; purple signifies excitement and yellow happiness. This high-tech approach to exposing inner feelings is a bit quirky, but there's no question that it represents a way to really wear your heart on your sleeve/and/or collar.


Mood Sweater: Source: Dezeen.comMood Sweater: Source:


 In the words of Sensoree founder, Kristin Neidlinger: "This concept holds exciting promise for the future, as wearable clothing could also be adapted  for the personal healthcare arena...For those who struggle to communicate their emotional state–Alzheimer's disease for instance– a person may easily become aggressive and agitated, often without warning and for no apparent reason...The Mood Sweater could be the first step in helping families to better anticipate and understand the moods of people, so they can better support  and care for them..."

Kristin Neidlinger and Sensoree

Krisitn Neidlinger is a Dance Medicine Specialist whose background in dance, kinetic costumes and physical therapies helped to develop her unusual perspective on sensory awareness. After earning an MFA in Interaction Design from California College of the Arts in 2010,  she began to explore wearable computers and how they could be curative to the human condition.

Working out of San Francisco, each design at Sensoree studio is handcrafted and embedded with artisan electronics. Each circuit board is a unique work of art that is numbered and signed by its creator. Sensoree's focus is at all times to transform technology into a personal process using futuristic materias and superior craftsmanship.

The future of Sensoree design

The Sensoree design lab is dedicated to finding ways to increase their audience and market. Its future may well lie in the realm of the unexpected; namely the health care industry. Innovative fashion when fused with the dynamics of wearable technology  can create a new frontier, yet to be explored .

Closing thoughts on moods and emotions:

Mood has to be controlled. Otherwise, it's your master. Toba Beta

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