German Farmers Turn To Vending For Sales Of Local Produce

 These days all types of businesses are taking advantage of the convenience of vending machines to market their products or set up their own virtually self-sustaining franchise. The latest industry to get in on this trend is farming.

Local Produce VendingLocal Produce Vending

While it might not seem like something well suited to the farming industry to some, farmers have found a way to sell their meats and produce while cutting out the middle man - through vending machines provided by German company Peter-und-Paul_Hof.  The company started by providing a serve yourself milk distribution system, allowing individuals to take the local dairy directly from fridges after the delivery service initially provided proved to be too much.

Farmer's Market Vending MachinesFarmer's Market Vending Machines

Since then, they've expanded the sale of all sorts of locally produced items, including meats, dairy and produce to be dispensed from Regiomat Vending machines which are located all around Germany. It's a great way to bring local produce to a greater portion of the population, and puts more profit directly in the farmer's pockets when they cut out the middle man, such as a local grocer, that steals a big chunk of the profit!

Via: Springwise

Oct 18, 2009
by Anonymous

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How neat.

Oct 22, 2009
by Anonymous

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oh thats good!This is new business era. now people can get direct food from farmer's fields through vending machine.