Check Your Cut Without Removing The Bandage

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Scientists at the Fraunhofer Research Institute for Modular Solid State Technology EMFT in Munich, Germany have developed an indicator dye that reacts to different pH levels by changing colors, and incorporated it into a bandage.

This makes it possible to check wounds without  removing the dressing.

If a bandaged area becomes infected, an indicator dye will simply change color from purple to yellow.

One of our writers covered the infection detecting dressings in another article in more detail. 

Does This Look Infected?

Dr. Sabine Trupp, a scientist at the EMFT said, "We have developed an indicator dye which reacts to different pH values, and we have integrated it into a dressing and a plaster. Healthy skin and healed wounds usually show a pH value of below 5. If this value increases, it is shifting from the acid to the alkaline range, which indicates complications in the healing of the wound. If the pH value is between 6.5 and 8.5 an infection is frequently present and the indicator color strip turns purple," about the chemical reaction.

Where will EMFT go from here?

 For now, the dressings will be used for a project at the dermatology clinic of the University of Regensburg.

More importantly, Dr. Trupp and her team at EMFT are currently looking for an industrial partner to commercially produce the bandages.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for any entrepreneur who can put together the industrial resources or who has the right vision.

If this sounds interesting to anyone, contact Dr. Karlheinz Bock, the acting director for Fraunhofer Institute for Modular State Technology EMFT (Source)

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