Germinator Jacket: Garment Probably Won't Prevent Ebola, But It Defends Commuters From The Common Cold

In North America, we're on high alert, more concerned than ever about protecting ourselves from illness with a number of Ebola cases on record within our borders. While there are no reports to indicate that Ebola has been spread by individuals traveling on planes, cruise ships, or other crowded transit options, individuals in these public spaces have been taking precautions. Even celebrities admit to donning not-so-stylish medical masks to reduce their risk of contracting any illness at 30,000 feet. A new garment wasn't designed specifically with Ebola in mind, but its release has come at a convenient time.

 The Germinator by Betabrand is designed with transit commuters in mind. In theory, its design may offer Ebola protection, but its purpose is really to defend individuals on trains, subways and buses from airborne viruses and contaminated surfaces. 

There are a number of features that the cautious, immunocompromised, or germaphobic will appreciate, as the designers thought of everything. Firstly, the jacket is made from an antimicrobial material that has been enhanced around the high collar to act as a mask to barricade commuters from germs. The second major feature is the liner of the sleeves that have thumb holes to help keep hands covered so there's no direct contact with germy surfaces like poles, handles, and seats.

Some of the minor design characteristics show attention to detail. Like the designated transit pass pocket on the right sleeve that segregates it from other items to prevent cross-contamination, since it's an item that may be handled by others, and it gets scanned overly heavily-trafficked sensors. The pocket is also positioned for ease of accessibility.

The second most important thing people want to be able to reach for efficiently is their cell phone. So The Germinator has a designated pocket on the chest that ensures it's never too far away when the monotony of transit warrants a game of Angry Birds, or a text to a friend about any unique or entertaining observations a commuter makes on board.

The final essential feature of the Germinator Jacket is the ventilation system. Transit options have people packed as tightly as pieces in a game of Tetris, and the jacket is rendered useless if commuters have to take it off because they've gotten too stuffy. This is a feature other commuters appreciate as well; no one wants to be that guy. You know, the one sweating bullets and creating a special kind aromatherapy experience that other travellers can't miss.

While there are some potential flaws in the Germinator's functionality, its price point makes it a reasonable garment to experiment with (at $200) for those extra concerned about the protection of their health. Whether it can be used a safeguard against Ebola contraction, a disease that is transmitted when contaminated bodily fluids meet open wounds, hasn't been tested. But if it protects against germs and the common cold as claimed, it would prevent the appearance of symptoms that alarmists may choose to label something more sinister. 

Or not. Maybe this jacket is just a geeky commuter fashion statement. It could go either way.

Via: Gizmodo