Get All Jammed Up With Bacon

With all due respect to our little piggy friends, one of the main reasons that many of us don't become vegetarians is because of bacon. To us it is the food of the gods. It is an amazingly versatile source of protein, fat, and those all-important nitrates. There are many ways to get your bacon fix, but one of the most creative ways may just be The Bacon Jams.

The Bacon JamsThe Bacon Jams

Sure, you can make your own, but why go to the trouble when The Bacon James does it for you? There are three flavors that come from The Bacon Jams -- Original, Black Pepper, and Red Chile & Garlic. Naturally, you can use them in the ways you usually use jam -- on your toast or with your peanut butter, but they are far more versatile than that. You can also top your pancakes or waffles with them.

The Bacon Jams with Seared ScallopsThe Bacon Jams with Seared Scallops

However, there is so much more! Their cookbook also has 18 unique recipes that use bacon jam, including Bacon-Topped Seared Scallops. Their website's blog shares even more recipes from Stuffed Mushrooms to Eggs Benedict. My favorite idea is to spread it into a grilled cheese sandwich -- so I have got to get me some! Mm-hmm! What the heck, put some on your ice cream.

The Bacon Jams in a Grilled Cheese SandwichThe Bacon Jams in a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

That special combination of sweet and savory will get you addicted in a very short time. The bacon is mixed with brown sugar, onions, garlic, and spices to create a delightful jam that will make you rethink the whole fruit thing. What a great idea for a Christmas gift for your favorite bacon lover!

The Bacon JamsThe Bacon Jams

The company started off with a Kickstarter campaign by former chef and restaurateur Mike Oraschewsky. His title now is Chief Executive Boar -- HA! The Bacon Jams are sold in 46 states and are spreading (pun intended!) So it may be time to let it spread to your house.

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