Get Four Tools In One With The Green House Multi-Function Carabiner

Green House Multi-Function CarabinerGreen House Multi-Function Carabiner

We all love multi-function gadgets. Campers and hikers especially like tools that perform more than one function, because it conserves space. The Green House Multi-Function Carabiner is one of those gadgets that can do several jobs, four jobs to be exact.

Green House Hiking CarabinerGreen House Hiking Carabiner

Green House's Multi-Function Carabiner is first a carabiner. Clip it on your belt loop or backpack for easy access, use it to secure your water bottle to your pack or just use it as a key chain. This carabiner is also a knife, saw and flashlight. Now the saw probably won't cut through a tree and the light is no spotlight, but they both come through in a pinch. Let's say you need to answer the call of nature in the middle of the night, in the middle of the wilderness or you need to cut up some small sticks for your camp stove. The Green House Multi-Function Carabiner can be your go-to. 

At only $10, this four-in-one tool is a great deal for campers, hikers or anyone who wants a utility key chain. You can check out the specs and pick one up on Amazon

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