Get Mad "Ups" With The Pro Power Jumper

Pro Power JumperPro Power Jumper

Training for most sports means you train for explosive power, whatever that explosive movement may be (jumping, swinging, etc). The Pro Power Jumper is a plyometric training device that utilizes resistance tubing to train your explosive power through your lower body.

Here's the idea: the added resistance via the tubing makes the muscles work harder throughout the jump (it's like adding weight without the weights). It's pretty simple, as is the design of the Pro Power Jumper. Basically you strap yourself to the workout board, via resistance tubing and a harness or waist belt, and perform a series of jumps (counter movement jumps, squat jumps, lunge jumps, etc.). The added resistance strengthens the muscles through that range of motion. It also pulls you back to ground quicker, forcing you to perform the next repetition quicker. This will help your reaction time as well as your agility.

Pro Power JumperPro Power Jumper

This is a great tool for athletes in sports that are lower-body-centric, like basketball and soccer. However, at around $450, the Pro Power Jumper (available on Amazon) isn't for the casual or recreational athlete. On the other hand, if you're serious about improving your vertical, gaining more explosive power and improving agility and reaction time, the Pro Power Jumper may be the tool to help you with that. 

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