Get More Out Of Your Weightlifting Workout With SmartSpot

With the sudden rise in popularity of weightlifting, especially among women (currently nearly one in five U.S. women engage in weight training on a regular basis) it has become more important than ever to develop solutions to mitigate the risk and prevent injury. One of the principal causes of injury is poor technique which can be mitigated by paying a personal trainer. However in big cities, personal trainers can cost up to $100 an hour. 

A new product on the market for gyms, SmartSpot, is attempting to solve this problem by re-imagining gym equipment and personal training. The goal is to prevent injury and improve the effectiveness of your workout by making personal training more accessible.

It works by hooking up a Kinect camera to a flat-panel screen - the Kinect camera tracks your movements as you workout and lift weights, to capture a 3D portrait of your body in motion. By determining the orientation of your body over 30 times a second, the technology allows for accurate real-time reporting of your form to make sure you are hitting the right angles and maintaining the right posture.

Here's a video of how it works:

Your new workout partner counts your reps and sets, helps you maximize your reps by indicating when you are getting the most out of the exercise, and keeps track of timing between sets. You can also track your progress in the calendar view of the app:

Calendar View of SmartSpotCalendar View of SmartSpot

This doesn't mean that personal trainers will become obsolete. In fact, the $4999 dollar equipment is intended to promote "virtual personal training" by enabling your trainer to review your workout videos and give you feedback online, dramatically reducing the cost of a personal trainer.

If you want your gym to have one, just request one here: