5 Innovative Gadgets To Get The Most Out Of Your Run

There isn't a part of our lives that technology doesn't touch in some way. Our workouts are no different, and the latest tech could mean more efficiency and better results. From smart socks to biometric clothing, the latest running technology can not only help you track your workouts, but it can help illuminate a lot about your running style and what you're getting out of your runs. Check out these 5 gadgets that will help you to get more out of your runs.

1. Sensoria Fitness Socks

Sensoria Fitness SocksSensoria Fitness Socks

The Sensoria Fitness Socks are smart. Seriously. They are smart socks that are equipped with textile sensors, conductive fiber and a magnetic attachment. The sensors are located under the plantar area and measure foot pressure. The conductive fibers relay the info from the sensors to the anklet, and the magnetic sensors allow you to connect the anklet, which in turn connects the socks to the mobile app.

These smart socks tell you how fast you're going, how far and how well you run--as in it monitors your cadence and the percentage of times you land on the balls of your feet. You also get a heart rate reading, your pace and calories burned. 

You can't get these socks and anklet just yet, and Sensoria's wait list is also full. However, you can visit the Sensoria website to get more information and keep up with the smart socks' availability. 

2. Mino


Old running shoes are not only smelly and hideous, but they can cause you injury, and it's often hard to tell when they're done for. Enter Mino. Mino is a shoe insert that measures the life of your running shoes. It is calibrated to count 400 miles of compressions to the mid sole of your shoes (most experts suggest getting new running shoes when your old ones have done 300-500 miles of running). 

The Mino is only about 2.5mm thick and weighs under .5oz, so you won't feel them when running. All you do to use the Mino is insert them into your running shoes, and every 3-4 weeks, press the "O" button on the device to check the life of your shoes. 

The Mino lasts only the life of your shoes, but they're only about $20. You can find more information on Mino's site or order yours now on Amazon

3. MilestonePod V2

Milestone Pod V2Milestone Pod V2

The MilestonePod V2 is a super affordable shoe tracker. Not only can you track the mileage you've put on your running shoes, but you can track your stride length, stride time and calories burned. All you do is interlace them in your shoes and start running.

The device sends your data to its app, MilestoneApp, and there you can see your data and share it on social media. And when I said the MilestonePod is affordable, I mean under-fifty-dollars-affordable. You can pick one up for only $25. Just visit the Milestone site for ordering info. 

4. Hexoskin


Smartbands and chest straps can often be cumbersome to runners. If you want your body metrics data without any added equipment, then check out Hexoskin Biometric Shirts. These shirts provide you with your heart rate, heart rate variability, breathing rate, breathing volume, sleep statistics and activity data. 

The activity data provided by Hexoskin includes intensity level, steps and pace, as well as calories burned. Just download the Hexoskin app to keep track of and store all of this data. 

The Hexoskin apparel features 14+ hours of battery life and is machine washable. You can visit the Hexoskin site for more information or go to Amazon to order one.

5. Petzl TIKKA RXP


Many runners get up at the crack of dawn to get in their run, or they go out after work. Often this means they're running in the dark (or dawn/twilight hours of the day). Having a headlamp, like the Petzl TIKKA RXP, not only allows runners to see what's in front of them, but lets traffic know where they are.

The TIKKA RXP is a compact, rechargeable, multi-beam headlamp that automatically adjusts its brightness according to the natural lighting. It offers 215 lumen brightness, but you won't always need it to be that bright. Sensors in the TIKKA RXP measure ambient light and adjust brightness accordingly.

The TIKKA RXP is available on Amazon, or you can visit the Petzl site for more information on the product. 

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