Get Noticed With On The Glo Knitwear That "Light Up"

Want to look merry and bright for the holiday season? Then try On The Glo's scarves and beanies on for size. These knitted goods also come with some feel goods.

On The Glo handmade scarves and beanies are a sight to behold, so it's no wonder they've already reached their funding goal on Kickstarter, a website that gives inventors an opportunity to bring their products to life.

Knitted with yarn that has special retroreflective thread weaved in, On The Glo lights up its wearer, making them hard to miss which is On The Glo's main goal.

What does retroreflective mean?  In On The Glo's words, it means: "That the eye must be positioned at the same angle of incidence of the light source for the thread to “light up”. This means that you do not look like a Christmas tree and can go totally incognito, until a car driver illuminates you with their headlights."

Designed with the safety of bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians in mind, bike mechanic and On The Glo founder Tacita Vero decided to merge her love of knitting and nighttime sports together in a way we've never seen before.

"After a few years of repairing people's bikes at Hackney Bike Workshop, reflective knitwear was born from the realisation that cyclists often wear all black or dark jackets...  and hardly ever a reflective vest. Another thing stuck: the average cyclist wears hardly any of the technical sportswear shops like to sell. Their attire is much more casual: big scarves, hats and gloves during the winter, regular t-shirts during the summer."

On The Glo wanted an alternative or compliment to the bright, neon "day-glow" apparrel that currently saturates the market.

By weaving retroreflective thread into essential accessories for nighttime and/or the cold, On The Glo is providing much needed safety in a convenient and practical way. And bonus, you get to sparkle!


But wait, there's more!

Not only do you get some shiny new threads when you back On The Glo, you are also helping people keep their homes and community.


Thanks to a successful past project on Kickstarter, Ricefield Collective, a group of women in Ifugao, Philippines have started knitting to avoid forced emigration.

Traditionally farmers who till purple and black rice paddies, these women and their families live in an endangered economy.

Stay safe, look great, and help a community fight against commercial competition, it's a win-win-win and a, "Hey, where'd you get that scarf!?"

Check out some of On The Glo's current handmade knitwear:


 Lumenz stretchy children's beanie.


 Illuminhat adult-sized hand made beanie.


 If for some reason you don't want a scarf or beanie that makes you look like you stole the stars from the sky, you could still support On The Glo with one of these fun and stylish detachable pom poms.

I would rock these fun, retroreflective accessories, would you?


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