Get The Perfect Pout Without Surgery With Fullips

 Fullips Lip EnhancerFullips Lip Enhancer

As we age, our lips begin to thin. If you're starting to miss your perfect pout, consider the Fullips Lip Enhancer before heading to a plastic surgeon's office. This innovative suction cup can temporarily give you a full pair of lips, saving you from an expensive trip to the doctor's.

Fullips is a small, self-suction device. It's easy to use and offers a quick fix. To use, place the device around your lips and suck in short puffs until solid suction is achieved. Let your lips relax into Fullips, and after 30 seconds, break the suction. The final result is a fuller, gorgeous pair of lips. Finish off the look with lipstick or lip gloss, and you are good to go.

After checking out their tutorials and the Fullips Instagram page, there are actually tons of techniques to achieve a fuller pair of lips. There are currently three different sizes. Yes, they are for different sized mouths, but you can also use them to target different areas of your lips, as well. For example, you may use the medium size for your whole mouth and then use the small Fullips device to target your upper lip. After watching the videos, it seems like you could really take the time to perfect your technique, but even just a basic application of the Fullips system looks amazing.

The Fullips is not a permanent solution. Results typically last for a few hours. Also, you'll look ridiculous using this device. However, if these two observations are the only negatives to Fullips, this product still comes out on top. This non-invasive suction cup is the perfect way to solve your thinning lips concerns. If you're interested in grabbing your own Fullips Lip Enhancer, you can check out the products here.

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