Get In A Quick And Fun Workout With Quick Sweat Exercise Dice

Quick Sweat Exercise DiceQuick Sweat Exercise Dice

Working out can be a daunting task to some people. Even for those, like myself, who love the gym sometimes it's just not fun. That's why I love looking for ways to spice up my routine and make it fun. Turning working out into a game can certainly make it fun, and that's exactly what the Quick Sweat Exercise Dice do.

The Quick Sweat Dice set comes with six dice. Five of those dice have exercises printed on them and the white die has the number of reps. Each die is dedicated to a specific body/fitness area. The blue die is cardio, the red core, the green chest, the yellow lower and the orange arms (see picture below). 

Exercise Dice LayoutExercise Dice Layout

With the Quick Sweat Dice, you can play your own fitness game with the dice, trying to get a pre-set amount of points with each rep counting as one point or you can play in teams (same concept, but with the element of competition). You could also make up your own games. For example, you could roll the dice and see if you can complete the exercises in a pre-set amount of time, or you could pick just a couple of areas to concentrate on and play an "all upper day" or a "lower/cardio day." 

The Quick Sweat Dice are great for in home workouts or you could bring them on a business trip or on vacation. With these six dice you can do 462 workout combinations. They're also great for some fun family fitness. If you're interested in a set or if you want to find out more information, check out Strength Stack 52's website. You can also find links to descriptions of all of the exercises there as well.