Get Ready To Do Battle In Your Tactical Chef Apron!

 The kitchen can be a dangerous place.  As such, an individual needs the proper gear to survive the battlefield of flavor-town.  Before arming yourself, you need some protection.  Introducing the Tactical Chef Apron!

Ready for battle!Ready for battle!

Before getting into how cool this thing is, let me state that I am a chef (self-taught, so yell at me all you want classically trained guys and gals--food is art either way you cut it... I just went to film school and studied literature and critical theory while cooking for years).  Well, an ex-chef, sort of.  I still love cooking for parties and large events, and do so on occasion.  With that said, it should be obvious that I am always looking for innovative cooking tools.  And this is one of them.

Just look at all of that storage capacity!  Those of us that cook know that counter/grill space becomes severely crowded at times.  I can't count the number of times I've dumped a beer off of my grill sideboard, watching it fall in slow motion as it spills its life-giving substance to Mother Earth.  If it wasn't returning its deliciousness back to the planet, it would be sacrilege.  As it is... it is an offering.

But with the Tactical Chef Apron, this can be avoided (just always pour a small sip of beer into your grass to appease our world and avoid earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, and monsters from deep beneath the sea).  Check out what this sucker has to offer:

Serious storage capacitySerious storage capacity

With two large pouches, three small pouches and numerous straps, this apron is ready for almost everything you can throw at it.  There is even a pocket for your beer--though I suspect it can only be in a bottle due to its width.  The straps adjust to multiple sizes and it is machine washable 100% cotton.

It is not, however, bullet-proof.  I wouldn't suggest wearing the Tactical Chef Apron in a gun fight.  Bad idea, right there.

Now... let's see this apron in action!


Priced between $20.00 and $35.00 (depending on where you shop), this is quite a deal.  I can't think of a single kitchen savvy person that would not enjoy this.

You can arm yourself for kitchen warfare with the Tactical Chef Apron by going to either Think Geek or Amazon!

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