Get Slimed, Get Gorgeous! Chinese Salon Goes To The Shelled Source For Snail Slime Beauty Treatment

The world's trendiest skin treatment – the snail slime facial – just got a little slower and a LOT more disgusting. A beauty salon in Changsha, China has cut out the middle-man and gone straight to the source, encouraging dozens of live snails to walk back and forth across their clients' faces.

It's likely the salon first heard of this unorthodox beauty treatment care of actress and celebrity Katie Holmes, who espoused the purported benefits of Snail Gel in 2013. The pricey product contains snail mucus excreted by the shelled molluscs.

The Simply Divine salon in Corby, Northamptonshire, UK went one step further, actually applying living snails to its clients' faces and charging £50 for the pleasure – the client's or the snail's, we're not sure.

Fast-forward to Changsha, the 7-million-strong capitol city of Hunan, China, where an otherwise unremarkable beauty salon has quickly jumped into the limelight thanks to these notoriously slow stalk-eyed beasties. Possibly in an effort to speed up the treatment, the salon applies about a dozen rather large snails to each client's face and let's 'em roam where no snails have roamed before!

We'll have to assume a salon staff member closely attends each client, ensuring the creepy critters stay on the straight & narrow and don't make a break for Changsha's wide open spaces.

Readers may be wondering what, if any, are the benefits achieved by undergoing this harrowing procedure. If you believe the hyperbole surrounding snail slime, it's said to contain a host of natural proteins and antioxidants including hyaluronic acid, which has been scientifically proven to aid skin cell proliferation. Besides regenerating damaged skin, snail slime acts as a natural moisturizer and helps sweep away dead cells. Fine and dandy... as long as somebody helps sweep away the snails at the end of each treatment! (via RedNet)