Get In A Workout At The Office With Cubii

Under Desk TrainerUnder Desk Trainer

As working adults, we all lead busy lives. Sometimes with the responsibilities of work, friends and family, it's difficult to fit in fitness. With the Cubii, you don't have to go any farther than your office to get in a workout. Cubii is the world's first under desk elliptical trainer.


Over 85 million jobs in the USA involve working at a desk and the Cubii was designed specifically for those sorts of work spaces. Cubii's design facilitates activity, while sitting. The angles of the pedals are appropriate for the seated position, and the machine is quite, which means you won't disturb your co-workers. This allows you to stay active while working.

Cubii AppCubii App

The Cubii is also Bluetooth enabled and has its own app. You can connect the machine with your smartphone or other device and track your activity. Just think, you could get in a three mile session while finishing up some spreadsheets. This reduces the time you're sedentary and helps in your fitness and health endeavors. 

The Cubii hasn't yet hit the market, but the makers at FitnessCubed have the product on Kickstarter and plan to mass produce this awesome product very soon. You can find out more information on their Kickstarter page