Get Your Cosmetic Drink On At The Lip Bar

Lip Bar LipstickLip Bar LipstickGetting drinks with the girls is always a good time, but it's even better when your lipstick is on point. One Detroit native was inspired to combine the carefree attitude of a twenty-something year old with bright, colorful lipsticks. The Lip Bar is a new cosmetic line named after every lady's favorite cocktails. The Lip Bar lets you get your cosmetic drink on!

Many women look at bright colored lipstick and think "That color is awesome, but I could never pull it off." Melissa Butler was tired of hearing this excuse and created a line of bold and fierce lipstick colors. Women of any age should feel youthful and fun, which is why these lipsticks are so va-va-voom. Women also deserve cosmetics that don't compromise their health. All of the Lip Bar lipsticks are made with vitamin E oil, organic avocado oil, fair trade shea butter and other natural ingredients. These lipsticks are bold and natural, and when it comes to makeup, there's no better combination.

Currently, you can order shades like Merlot, Cosmo, Whiskey Sour and Bourbon Blues at the Lip Bar website, but Butler will soon be introducing a mobile lip bar where you can find your perfect shade. The Lip Bar team will be touring Dallas, Denver, New York and other cities. The Lip Bar will also be releasing an app that allows you to create any shade of lipstick you want. No more settling for shades that don't match your complexion!

If you're ready for a new tube of lipstick (and maybe a drink), give a shade from the Lip Bar a try. Be bold, be brave, and be you with any of the Lip Bar's bright cosmetics.

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