Get Your WaveHooks Wine Glass Holder At Amazon’s 3D Printing Store. Moms Need Fun Stuff Too

It seems as though Amazon really does have everything, including a 3D printing store. You can create customized products based on your specifications in the Creative Expressions department, like a mini-you bobble head doll. And you can shop in their Jewelry, Home Décor, Toys & Games, or Tech Accessories departments to find the perfect gift made on a 3D printer, like a WaveHooks Wine Glass Holder. Hey, not everything is for the kids. Moms need fun stuff too.

Created by Michael Aylesworth, WaveHooks products are meant to organize vertical space in your home, office, boat or car. And by organize your vertical space, I mean add a wine or beer holder to your shower or bathtub. What started as a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new 3D printer and increase a production line has turned into product exposure on BuzzFeed, the Today Show, and now Amazon. Isn’t America great?

Right now, Aylesworth, a Seattle, Washington resident, offers a beer holder, wine holder, and cubby shelf for your shower. Using dishwasher safe plastic and strong suction cups, you can wash your hair, shave your legs, and exfoliate without needing to leave your drink on the bathroom sink. Seriously, isn’t America great?

With three little kids, I don’t have time to unwind with a hot bath and a glass of wine. But you might, so why not give it try? As long as the suction cups are as strong as they seem, having something to hold your wine might be safer than a balancing a glass on a narrow tub ledge. And having your wine right next to you on the shower or tub wall really is more convenient than placing it all the way on the floor next to you. And you’ll get less water on the floor as you fumble around for your glass.

I am known to grab a beer and head to the shower, though. So if I were to buy a WaveHooks product, I would buy the beer holder. I have worked out a method of placing my bottle on the top corner of the shower with the widest section, but it really would be more ergonomic to have my beer at eye level. I’d have to experiment with finding a place to put the beer holder—which comes in a variety of colors—so that I am not watering my beer down with water and shampoo, but I’m up for the challenge.

In all honesty, would I buy a 3D printed wine or beer holder? Not for myself. I am too cheap and have figured out a way to shower and drink my beer too—much like having my cake and eating it too, but better. I would buy it as a fun gift for a friend. And it’s the perfect thing for a white elephant gift exchange.

3D Printed WaveHooks Wine Glass Holders are a practical solution to something that isn’t really a problem. Do we really need booze while we are in the bathtub or shower? No, but moms need fun too. And if we couldn’t hide out in the bathroom or shower for a few minutes longer than necessary, no one would be having fun. The saying is true: if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

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