Get Baby Ready For Housework!

You can never start out kids too young when it comes to doing chores. At least that is what some parents overseas must have believed when they came up with the Baby Mop outfit that is now getting attention on such nationally syndicated television shows such as “Ellen.”

Granted, these programs are treating it as a silly joke, but really was it meant to be serious? Apparently so, as it frighteningly almost seems like a good idea.

Crazy but convenient: The baby mop look: Source: babyfrankenstein.comCrazy but convenient: The baby mop look: Source:

Advertised in Asian magazines as a way to “make your children work for their keep”, there is surely a baby mop outfit available in your baby’s size. If your child is of crawling age, simply dress them in the special onesie, place them on a hardwood floor, and watch in amazement as they spring into action. The logic falls in the fact the child is just crawling as usual, and the cleaner floors is a bonus, so no child exploitation here, right?

When they get a little bit older, you can make them Dust Mop slippers, using this pattern . Toddlers can clean the floor as they walk, inadvertently helping with the housework in no time!

Floor cleaning booties you can make for baby!: Source:delphiforums.comFloor cleaning booties you can make for baby!:

Granted, most parents won’t take up the media’s offer for this innovative way to get more chores done, but admittedly it is a savvy way to get baby ready for responsibility, while getting your house ready for guests at the same time!

UPDATE: This product is now a real product. Read more about Baby Mop here and buy it here.

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