Get A Basketball, Coach And Data Analyst With Smart Sensor Basketball


Smart technology isn't just for the computer geeks anymore. The 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball brings smart technology to the court. This Smart Basketball makes it easier for players to practice with purpose, instantly measuring different aspects of the players' offensive games. It also doubles as a coach, giving drills and feedback

Download the app, activate the ball and dribble to connect. That's all basketball players have to do to get the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball ready to coach them, give them drills, supply instant feedback on mechanics and measure progress.

The appearance of the 94Fifty gives no clues to its capabilities. It seems like a regular basketball--regulation size and weight, water resistant indoor/outdoor skin--but inside lies a sensor that can give you instant feedback (100 milliseconds from action to display) on every shot and dribble the player takes. The 94Fifty measures the key aspects of mechanics in the two elements of the basketball player's offensive game, dribbling and shooting. By reading the forces of spin and acceleration, the 94Fifty gives the player instant analysis on dribble force/speed, shot speed, shot backspin and shot arc. 

No coach, observing their players, can give accurate measurements of these skills with the naked eye alone. The 94Fifty gives this data, which allows players to make adjustments instantly. If the player doesn't have enough arc on their shot or their dribble speed is too slow, the 94Fifty tells them and they can correct it instantly. This allows players to get the instant "feel" of performing the action correctly. 

The 94Fifty has over 50 drills and competitions that allow basketball players to work on their game, become familiar with their weaknesses and practice the proper form in various skills. The 94Fifty app is also adaptable, making drills harder as the player improves, and the app tracks that progress too. There is a leaderboard option as well, in which players can compete to get the best scores. 

All of these capabilities make the 94Fifty a great asset to any player or coach. Michael Conley of the Memphis Grizzlies agrees. Just watch him in action with the 94Fifty.

Source: 94Fifty