Get Busy! Analyze & Record Your Sex Life With Bedpost Beta

Whether you're having it or not, you can't deny that sex plays a big role in your personal life. Well, now you can take your sex obsession to the next level by using Bedpost beta, a sexual organizer, to track and analyze just how your activities beneath the sheets rank.

Not to state the obvious, but if your sex life is frequent and satisfying, then you probably don't need any assistance in documenting and remembering your intimate experiences. But if you really get around, then what better way to compare the sexual experiences of your multiple partners than with the charts and graphs generated by Bedpost?

Record Your Sex Life (No Video Camera Required)

Currently undergoing its testing stage, Bedpost beta, an innovative sex tracking tool, is a personal web application that's invite only; designed to help you gain valuable insight into your sex life. After each sexual encounter you can log onto Bedpost beta to keep a permanent record of the intimate experience. You select the date, the time you started having sex, enter the number of minutes (or hours?) the sexual encounter lasted, and give the sexual experience a rating out of 5 stars. You can also include the name of the partner you had sex with, for future comparative purposes, and enter descriptive tags to help trigger your memory about the sexual encounter. You can use this field to record the sexual positions you experimented with (think karma sutra), use of props and sex toys, "orgasm" or "norgasm", or simply use adjectives like "wow" or "mind blowing" or the one that will inevitably lead to the post sex walk of shame; "disappointing". Of course, it's up to you to determine what constitutes a sexual experience for tracking on Bedpost; so if you're just getting to 1st base, engaging in oral sex, or going all the way with sexual intercourse, you can use their sex tracking tool.

In order to better track your sex life, the Bedpost application provides an overview of your sexual encounters using a calendar format. Data regarding your sex life can be better compared using Bedpost's charts and graphs so you can see how your sexual experiences stand up against previous months. And, just so you can keep you sex partners separate both in your mind and between the sheets (as long as that's what you're into), you can create individual profiles for each of your sexual partners, allowing you to see the progression of each sexual relationship and analyze how one sexual partner compares to another.

Avoid Sexual Broadcasts With Privacy Protection

I know what you're thinking; talk about opening a can of worms if anyone were to gain access to the information about your sex life recorded on Bedpost. The company claims that it will never implement sexual social networking features. Not only is this to keep it a classy application for tracking your sex life (no prostitution will be seen here!); it's also to ensure that your sexuality remains your own private business. While some personal questions are asked to enhance future functionalities of the application, like your sexual orientation; Bedpost will never divulge your sexual preferences or the personal details about your sex life to a third party. The application is also highly password protected so only you can lay eyes on the details regarding just how satisfying and frequent your sex life is.

One functionality mentioned on Bedpost's website, which they will eventually implement to further enhance your sex tracking experience; is a sexual partner login option. Little information is available about this function, but one can only assume that sexual partners who login will have very limited access to the information entered on the account. Otherwise, you can probably expect to see the sex store closing, and some fight-to-the-death duels between your sexual partners.

Bedpost beta also has a function incase you're flying solo in your sex life; they know that just because you don't have a sexual partner, it doesn't mean you don't want to track and analyze your sexual experiences too!

While social networking for sex may not be in the cards for Bedpost, it would be nice to see them include educational resources on the site to ensure that individuals who use their application to track their sex life also use safe sex practices. To date, there's no mention of an age minimum or manner to ensure that minors do not sign up for the service.

Now go on; get busy! Sex leads to the opportunity to keep track those sexual experiences.

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