Get Cozy With Victoria Classics To Develop New Bed & Bath Products!

Bed, bath, window and general designer décor brand Victoria Classics is on the hunt for innovative products that will fit in with their huge line of comfortable home goods. If you propose a design that improves on how consumers enjoy any of the areas listed above, they’re ready to team up with you!




Victoria Classics is open to any product idea related to decorative throw pillows, drapes, curtains, decorative rods, shower curtains, hooks, bathroom accessories and rugs, and bed coverings that makes the item more comfortable, valuable for the consumer, and all-around more innovative. While you could take any of these household staples in an endless number of directions design-wise, Victoria Classics is determined to find innovative and new products that provide owners with more than a mild visual tweak. How would you improve on these home furnishings?




If you impressive the team of judges at Victoria Classics with your product idea, they may reward you for sharing with a minimum $2,500 advance of product sales over the next 20 years, as well as splitting the licensing royalties 50/50 with you too. Considering that your new twist on classic home wares will be sold Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Macy’s and many other retailers, there is plenty of potential to earn a great deal of money from your innovations. You have until April 7th, 2014 to submit your bath, bedding and home inventions, so click here and put the other inventors to bed!