Get Every Bit Of That Sweet Summer Corn With The OXO Corn Stripper


Summer is here and that means that fresh corn season is upon us as well.  Some people love eating it straight off the cob, but others either do not or cannot.  If you love to indulge in sweet, crisp summer corn but prefer to have it removed from the cob then your job may have gotten a lot easier.  The OXO Corn Stripper is made to quickly and easily remove corn from the cob.  There is no awkward fiddling with knives and annoyingly wasting half of the precious nuggets.



The OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper is basically a container with a notched blade attached to it.  The device appears to be easy to grip and conveniently catches the kernels as it is run down the cob.  Once the corn has all been collected, the device can be flipped over and the corn poured out the top into a bowl.  No need to clean up a bunch of rogue kernels. 



Even better, the blade is made of stainless steel so it should stand up for a long time.  The sides of the gadget are padded with non-slip grips for extra comfort and control.  Everything comes apart and can be thrown in the dishwasher for trouble-free clean up.  (See OXO Good Grips Corn Stripper)




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Jun 22, 2010
by Anonymous


This OXO Corn Stripper,where can i get it?

Jun 23, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Where to buy

If you click the link in the article it will take you to a spot you can purchase it.  Thanks for reading!