Get A Hand On Naptime...Or Get Something Polyester To Do It

My mother was never the cuddly type when I was little, and perhaps she could have been if a product like the Zaky Infant Pillow had existed in the 1980s.

Then again, I’m sort of glad it didn’t.

Baby Is Comforted By...Mom?Baby Is Comforted By...Mom?

With their catch phrase “it’s like leaving a part of you with your baby”, the humor quickly dissipates when you realize that this baby supply company actually expects you to pay $40 per each plastic pellet filled hand used to comfort your should-be-sleeping baby.

Even scarier? People are. The whole concept started when the giant scary hands were designed for premature infants, but now they have hit the mainstream in one huge attempt to confuse small children into not knowing the difference between mommy’s arms and a superficial engineered pair.

One Cuddle To Go PleaseOne Cuddle To Go Please

While the babies on Zaky’s official website sure do look cute and content with their synthetic cuddle, I have to admit the whole concept triggered a profound sadness within me regarding the whole working mother/no time for nurturing phenomenon our society finds ourselves in.

However if you aren’t the super weepy sensitive type, chances are you may find Zaky’s hands to be rather awesome. The 100% polyester hands are machine washable and will contour to the unique sleeping shape of each child.

Zaky hands can be purchased through Amazon for about $42 per hand.

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Dec 29, 2007
by kbynum542

New product for this company......

I too have developed a product for infants that will help with keeping a baby snug, comfortable,occupied, and above all, safe. My concept will go well with your other products at Zaky. I think the positioning pillows (as hands) are a genius idea! Great work!