Enjoy Healthy Microwave Popcorn With A Catamount Popcorn Popper


Popcorn is such a comforting snack.  It is all warm and crunchy and buttery.  Sometimes there is just nothing better, and usually when you have a craving for it you do not want to wait.  These are the times when microwave popcorn comes in very handy.  You just grab a bag, toss it in the microwave and zap it for a minute or two.  Voila!  You have hot, buttery comfort at your fingertips.

The downside here is that microwave popcorn has a lot of bad stuff in it.  Some varieties are worse than others, but there are all kinds of potential dangers such as fat, chemicals and colorings.  Just take a look at the ingredients list or the nutritional information on the box (by the way, it is usually shown in per cup servings and who eats just a cup of this stuff?).  Plus, we all know that real butter is not neon yellow.
If you want a quick popcorn alternative that is far safer then you should check out Catamount Microwave Popcorn Poppers.  These jars, made of a special glass that will endure high temperatures, give you a healthier microwave popcorn option.  You simply add any type of popcorn kernels to the jar, attach the lid (which can also hold butter for melting, if you choose) and microwave.  There is no need for oil.  The popper comes in 1 qt. and 2.5 qt. sizes and is safe to clean in the dishwasher.  Get you own popper here.


Source: Daily Grommet

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