Get Inspired @ Innovation Uncensored 2013 In NYC!

If you’d like to learn a few tips and stellar advice from industry, energy, design and other innovative juggernauts, be sure to attend the Innovation Uncensored event in New York City April 23-24!

This yearly event brings together successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, inventors and other influential people from a wide variety of fields to share their views on new ideas relating to their respective fields, as well as effective practices and strategies they’ve used to get where they are today, in an informal and relaxed setting. It’s a down-to-earth combo of laser-guided stats and heart-to-heart relatable experience from the innovative speakers to everyone who attends.

If you are an innovator with a serious interest in product design, energy, branding, technology, marketing, infrastructure, venture capitalism and non-profit businesses, it is well worth your time to listen to what these modern visionaries have to share. Some of the big names who have been represented at Innovation Uncensored NYC in the past include Microsoft, Disney, Twitter, PepsiCo and GE.

Krista Donaldson, CEO of D-Rev, is one of the speakers who I’d really want to learn from. D-Rev is a non-profit organization that acts as an incubator for huge ideas benefitting people living in especially poor areas of the world.  The group has provided many innovative and affordable solutions in Haiti, India, Iraq, Uganda and other regions, including the low-cost JaipurKnee knee joint and the Rise Solar electricity initiative. Her story of creating and utilizing affordable, reliable and essential inventions with D-Rev should be one of interest for InventorSpot fans!

If you’re free this April 23-24, do your best to make it to the event- You can’t afford to miss out on the mentoring, advice and fun stories from these innovative juggernauts. Don’t worry if you’re on the west coast, as Innovation Uncensored will bring the event to San Francisco this fall.

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