Get A More Organic Internet Radio Experience With Radiotuna

I recently reviewed Grooveshark and gave it a comparison to Pandora in terms of suggesting new music based on your listening behavior.  This new internet radio site, Radiotuna, made me realize that all these "music genome" style sites lack something that harks back to days of AM/FM radio - easy channel browsing.  Radiotuna is lightweight and personalized internet radio without overly sophisticated preference algorithms.

The site works something like a search engine for all of the internet radio stations that are indexed within the site.  You can search by genre, artist, or station, and Radiotuna will supply you with a list of which stations match your search.  For example, if you search for "Green Day", you'll get a results page that shows which stations are currently playing the artist, as well as other stations that have played that artist before.

The cool thing about the way this works is that the stations stream through a simple little player on the upper right hand corner, and they load extremely fast.  What this does is allow the listener to click through several stations very quickly, a similar experience to flicking through the channels on the radio in your car or at home.  As funny as it sounds, I kind of miss that organic feeling of search and discovery.  Sophisticated sites like Pandora and Grooveshark can't provide the same type of experience because there's no DJs, and it takes a considerable amount of time for stations to analyze your listening patterns to bring you new suggestions.

As a disclosure, though, I am still a huge fan of "music genome" internet radio like Pandora, and will likely keep that as a fail safe when I want to listen to music.  However, Radiotuna did impress me a great deal.  With the amount of stations listed, and the overall superb functionality of the site, for some listeners, it may offer something a little simpler, a little more nostalgic, and a little more adventurous than some of its more popular competition.  Go give it a try, and let us know what you think in the comments.

Jan 25, 2010
by Anonymous

my take

Grooveshark's still the best music choice out there- i agree that radio stations are awesome for simple, easy listening. i would guess that they know that though and have something of the sort in the works