Get Into A Music Video On Fan Video's New Site

Fan Video is letting users get close to their favorite artists by putting them in videos with artists such as 50 Cent, Alicia Keys, and Lost Prophets.  By connecting with either your Facebook or MySpace accounts, the site will generate a video that puts you front and center in music video shots featuring your profile picture.

The site is actually a fully functional Flash-based MySpace profile that loads up immediately and asks you to connect using one of your social media accounts.  After that you get a spindle of artist videos to choose from, and you can pick multiple clips or just one at a time by click-and-dragging them into the free spaces at the bottom of the screen.  Once you're done, the site generates a video that you can preview before you share with your friends.

What's cool about Fan Video is that its form and function are not inhibited at all by being a Flash overlay for a MySpace profile.  I've seen other impressive overlays with surprising functionality, but nothing on this level before.  The videos all come out really nice, too.  The screen shot I took of my video with 50 Cent is a little dark, but if you look at the portrait, you'll see my signature sneaker avatar.

Fan Video is interesting, but also has its drawbacks.  When you connect using either account, the site will merely take your profile picture  and not give you an opportunity to pick another one.  Also, there's only a handful of artists that are available.  I would have liked to have seen a few more options, but maybe I'm dating myself when I say I have no idea who Chipmunk is.  Still, it's good fun to see yourself in the videos.  Try it out for yourself, and link us to your new superstardom in the comments below.