Get Naked! Getting In Touch With Your Inner Nudist For A Free Lunch

All businesses are more interesting when they require their patrons to strip down and get in touch with their own inner nudist; and while nudist resorts do offer naked dining options, not surprisingly, naked restaurants just aren't commonplace, likely due to the hygienic implications of getting nude around food. So are there places for people who want to bare it all while sitting down for a nice meal? Read on and find out.

Perhaps the most interesting naked restaurant that's graced North American diners is the Black Frog Restaurant in Maine. While diners don't bare it all while sitting down over their meal, patrons do have the opportunity to get naked for a free meal. With the Naked Lunch Challenge, naked restaurant patrons earn their meal by plunging off the dock at the restaurant sans clothing. What do they get in exchange for getting in touch with their inner nudist? The restaurant's trademark Skinny Dip sandwich (bet you saw that one coming!), which features sliced prime rib in a baguette roll.

While the Skinny Dip promotion at Black Frog Restaurant has secured their place as a leading naked US restaurant, unfortunately they've had to cease operations after complaints that the activities were inappropriate led the city to threaten them to renew the restaurant's liquor license. I think the real issue is that while many were receiving free lunches, others were losing theirs while dining!

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Jun 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Malcolm Boura

Skin is much more hygienic than clothing which is why in many countries hospital uniforms are being redesigned to reduce or remove sleeves.

I am very puzzled by one thing. What on earth is the connection between a liquor license and nudity? What perverted, twisted chain of logic leads them to be connected? Or is it just that by linking two things that they don't like certain people can make it difficult for both?

Jun 9, 2009
by Anonymous

skinny dip dinners

Enjoyed the article. You may be interested in knowing that you can, in fact, enjoy any meal of the day without clothing. There are many clothing optional and/or nudist resorts throughout our country where you can sit down (please bring a towel to sit on) nude to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some of my favorites are Bare Cheeks restaurant at Paradise Valley Resort, just north of Atlanta, Georgia; or you can enjoy a true gourmet meal at Mira Vista Resort in Tucson, Arizona. Another clothing optional resort is Cypress Cove Resort in Kissimmee, Florida where you can dine naked as the day you were born at both Cheeks Bar and Grille and Lakeside Restaurant. Servers at all locations are clothed :) But patrons do not have to be…

There are many more, including many in the Northeast. If you want to give clothing optional meals a try, you can visit the American Association for Nude Recreation website ( and find one near you!

Skinny Dipping is as American as apple pie. July 11, 2009 the AANR-World Record Skinny Dip will be taking place at over 120 resorts and nude beaches across North America. This is a Guinness World Record challenge and everyone has an open invitation to visit a local resort or beach, have a nude meal and skinny dip with us.

AANR clubs and resorts are family oriented, where you can feel safe and secure while returning to the freedom of your early childhood when you were happy to be free of your clothes ... and for us adults, it means free of stress.