Get Personal With A Towel Warmer!

Hammacher Schlemmer has some really neat gadgets, stuff you never even consider, but when you see them, you say to yourself, "Boy, that would be nice!" So, that's what I said to myself when I spotted the Personal Towel Warmer.



Imagine being able to have a nice hot towel when you leave your cozy shower to step into the "exterior" bathroom, where the air is so nippy, you want to go back to the shower or curl up in bed with your thermal blankets and pillows. A hot towel would be just what you need to make the transition from shower to your long undies.

Also, in the evening, when you want to relax, you could put a nice hot damp towel on your face. And you could use one to soften your beard before you shave or to open the pores in your skin. If you have an outdoor pool or hot tub at home, the Personal Towel Warmer would be super. It's portable (a shorty -- only 12" x 8" and 7 pounds), so you can take it outside and plug it into an AC outlet.

Oh, and the Personal Towel Warmer would be terrific for an infant; he could always be wrapped in fresh warm clothes when he's changed. Heck, I could put my own undies and socks in there before I dress.

Come to think of it, who would not love a Personal Towel Warmer? It takes about five minutes to get to optimum temperature and will keep your towels (or undies) warm for 20 minutes afterward. May make an excellent Valentine's gift.... I'll have to tell someone about it.

At Hammacher Schlemmer.

Jan 23, 2009
by Anonymous

Towel Warmer

Your description says "Personnel Towel Warmer" but this should be --Personal Towel Warmer--.