Get Ready for the evoMouse, the Mouseless Mouse from Celluon

The first computer mouse was created in the 1960s and since then, it has come a long way. There is a wide range of mice available, from the convential mechanical roller mice to the optical mice and to the laser mice. But there's a new one that's coming your way and it's definitely a cut above the rest because it's the first commercial mouseless mouse that the world has ever seen: the evoMouse.

Celluon is a company that's based in Seoul, Korea and they're looking to revolutionize the computer mouse by giving you one that's nothing like the mice we've known for decades.

The evoMouse comes in a compact size and features a sleek design that resembles that of an animal. A dog, perhaps? Anyway, it's equipped with two infrared sensors (the dog's eyes, in this case) that will track the movement of your fingers and send the signal back to your laptop or computer to move the cursor. You might be wondering if the evoMouse can perform the traditional mouse functions like double-clicking or clicking or dragging objects around. The answer is that it can, with a few simple gestures and with a flick of your hand. No more clicking here!

The evoMouse is powered by a USB cable so you don't have to worry about running out of juice as with the wireless mouse when you least expect it. It also features multi-touch support and affords you the same functions as any other mouse such as scrolling, zooming in, rotating, and forward and backward navigation. 

You can check out this video from Celluon to see the evoMouse in action:

Pricing for the evoMouse hasn't been announced yet because it's still in development, but stay tuned because we will be updating this post once word gets in.

Source: Celluon