Get Social Media Tailored To Your Liking With

With all the social media sites out there, it can be a little cumbersome to find content that truly fits your tastes.  TheFilter is a site that aims to provide you with a customized content feed based soley on what your media tastes are in music, movies, and more.  It does a surprisingly good job!

The site requires that you register, and offers to integrate the activity on your accounts at and Flixster in order to get a well-rounded picture of what your tastes are.  Of course, they also ask you to invite friends, but avoid being spammy by keeping your Facebook account out of it.  You can also just list certain artists or movies that interest you, and the site will create a feed based on that.

With a bit of time, you'll find that the site actually does a pretty good job of making suggestions for content.  I'm a fan of 90's grunge rock and industrial metal, and so my suggestions were things like Stone Temple Pilots and Smashing Pumpkins.  I also liked how the site allows you to not only "like" or "dislike" suggestions, but also offers you the opportunity to say why.

While sites that filter media content from social media sites are really quite common, TheFilter offers a pretty clean and satisfying approach to the concept.  I would like to see the site integrate more services in order to automate the suggestion process a little better, if only because adding interests manually one-by-one can be a bit tedious.  Go give it a try, and let us know how you liked it in the comments.