Get A Tapi And Avoid Disgusting Drinking Fountains Forever


Drinking fountains are generally quite revolting.  Most of them look like they have been around for several generations.   Add to that the fact that kids have a habit of placing their mouths directly over the spout to have a drink.  Disgusting!  Of course, when you are out with the kids they inevitably want a drink the second that they see a drinking fountain because the shooting water just looks like so much fun!



What is a parent or any thirsty person to do?  Well, the clever people at Dreamfarm have come up with an inexpensive solution.  The Tapi is a rubber device that fits over the tap of most faucets.  Once the device is in place the water flows normally until you pinch the bottom to redirect the water back up through the top spout, creating a fountain. 

Tapi would also be handy to have in the bathroom and/or kitchen at home for when people want to have a quick drink.  It comes in tons of fun colors and is small enough to tuck away in a purse or pocket so you could easily have it on you whenever you go out.  When you get home just run it through the dishwasher to clean. 

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