Get Your Baby In the Height of Fashion This Year!

Babies used to wear simple clothes that they would then proceed to vomit all over and then get changed into another pink or blue piece of drab. However today’s generation of tykes are all over the fashion scene, thanks to the wit of Generation X fashion designers wanting cute baby apparel choices for both their own kids and for a lucrative business opportunity.

This is the first of three articles on baby gear: what’s hip, cool, and ready for drool in baby fashion. Today’s entry? Onesies of wit

The Offspring of Proud Nerds and Geeks

For those wanting to pass their engineering and science jobs onto their little ones, there is plenty of geek gear available for babies. Leading the pack is ths genius onesie, featuring the perfect equation to cuteness. Ingenius Clothing For A Genius BabyIngenius Clothing For A Genius Baby

A little outfit in either lime or pink declaring “my dad’s a geek” is the perfect Christmas present for a proud papa who spends plenty of hours behind a computer screen. You can get it in sizes 0-12 months, and since it is made out of 100% cotton, babies will be able to flaunt the special message without any itching or squirming. Daddy's a Geek and Proud!Daddy's a Geek and Proud!

Pop Culture Infancy

As children of the 70s and 80s are now starting their families, popular culture movies, tv shows, and bands are finding their way onto onesies. This Dirty Dancing inspired suit in cutie pie pink is a perfect example. Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner, Right Johnnie?Nobody Puts Baby In a Corner, Right Johnnie?

Breast cancer, another concern of this parenting generation with aging mothers, is also portrayed on a onesie, with $2.00 of the purchase going toward breast cancer research.Breast Cancer Support Never Starts Too EarlyBreast Cancer Support Never Starts Too Early

Instructions Included

Lastly, give a new mom or dad a gift to orient them into how to handle baby with care, or give in honor of a grandparent as a refresher course! This Lifting Baby onesie pokes fun at our society’s excessive warning and safety labels…but who knows, it might come in handy!

Handle With Care!Handle With Care!

Baby Knows Who's Boss!

You're sleep deprived and your schedule is out of whack now that a little one lives with you. What better way to express your exhaustion than through a baby fashion statement? This witty lavender onesie proudly displays your child's firm hand on your sleep schedule.

Baby Will Be Ready For An All Night PartyBaby Will Be Ready For An All Night Party

For something else fun on the theme of insomnia, check out this onesie from Amazon that is perfect for rebellious infants ready to party.

Party CribParty Crib

You're Gorgeous, Baby

The newest member of your family is adorable and they know it! Help them share their self-esteem with others with this funny onesie which says "When Mommy and Daddy made me, they were just showing off!" In a cute blue perfect for a boy or a girl

This is the era of fun choices for the world’s smallest fashionistas, so consider dolling up your new son or daughter in a onesie that promotes a message or provokes a smile!

Baby Bragging BeautyBaby Bragging Beauty

Bad To The Bone

Even biker dads have a soft spot for their kids, but that doesn't mean they need to show it. Toughen up your baby right away with a "Bad to the Bone" onesie, a perfect surprise for a tattoo sporting, motorcycle riding daddy.

Bad to the Bone BabyBad to the Bone Baby

For A Special Someone

Do you have a sister you are close to? An exceptionally doting grandparent? Display your baby's love for extended family on their clothing.

Give Props Where Props Are DueGive Props Where Props Are Due

These onesies can be purchased at Jonesy Goodstuff and, .

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