Get Your Balcony To Meet The Grill Of Its Dreams

When you live in a condo or apartment your balcony is rarely an expansive space for an outdoor living area. Placing a barbecue grill in that area can make it a whole lot smaller, making summer entertaining nearly impossible. One of the least used areas on your balcony is most likely the railing -- hence the invention of the Bruce Handrail Gril.

l.Bruce Handrail GrillBruce Handrail Grill

The slender grill is just over seven inches deep and comes with a bracket to allow it to be mounted on the railing. It looks a lot like the flower planters that people get to hang from their balconies. The bracket is also designed so that the grill can be mounted on a concrete or brick wall for use on patios. The Bruce is the brain child of German designer Henrik Drecker.

At just under two feet wide you won't be cooking up racks and racks of ribs, but you can manage a couple of steaks or a few hamburgers. For heartier appetites you can go for hot dogs or bratwurst. It can also hold some lovely skewers of shishkabob.

Bruce Handrail GrillBruce Handrail Grill

The grill is old school and you will needs to use charcoal briquettes for your heat source, or perhaps some nice mesquite. Some say that charcoal or mesquite is how you really get that authentic grilled flavor. 

Bruce Handrail GrillBruce Handrail Grill

While you may want Bruce to come be your best friend, you first need to check your lease, homeowners association rules and regulations, and local ordinances to make sure that the use of a charcoal grill is allowed for your building.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This grill is not yet available in the U.S. You can also use a grill shelf like this one to hold up a small tabletop grill like these instead.

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