Get Your Freak On With Fun Summer Fashion Eyeglasses!

With summer approaching, we're always in search of the hottest summer fashions that will really turn heads. Well, now I bring to you some funky and freaky summer eyewear that will certainly turn heads, but it may not be for the right fashionably-sound reasons!

The Atomic Wave Illuminated Eyeglasses will have everyone looking your way, and they might just induce seizures, but you're sure to be the life of the party when sporting this funky and freaky summer fashion item. The glasses appear like typical sunglasses, until you activate the hidden switch in your pocket, and then it's an instant party as the glasses activate a unique strobe like effect or constant neon glow.

Get your funk on this summer with a freaky fashion that's sure to get people's attention, even if it's in hushed whispers because of the violation of fashion rules. But sometimes, you've just got to set those standards aside, and let loose when it comes to fun summer fashion!

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