Get Your Graffiti On With Fashionable and Funky Tagger Messenger Bags

It has often been said that art inspires some of the greatest fashions, but until recently graffiti has been classified less as art and more as vandalism. However, with Tagger Messenger Bags, it's now possible to create your own art expression without risking a night in jail.

Denver Kiosk Customizations for TaggerDenver Kiosk Customizations for Tagger

Tagger Messenger Bags are fully customizable. Consumers can design their own flap, bag color and strap color, and while they do have the option to go with a pre-established graffiti design, those looking for the opportunity to express themselves artistically can choose a bank canvas to work with and will receive fabric markers to get their graffiti on.

By tagging bags rather than landmarks, graffiti artists can put their mark on a piece of fashion that helps them express their personality and take their art with them everywhere they go.

Consumers can also choose from pre-designed bags from big names in graffiti art.