Get Your Hands On Beyond123’s Modern Sculpture Art Toys!

They’re beautiful, colorful and beg you to mold them as your creativity wills- The PlayableART sculpture art toy series from Beyond123 are equally captivating for anyone three to one hundred, as long as they have a speck of imagination!
PlayableART AnglePlayableART Angle
Easily manipulated, these bold structures are large and inviting desktop artistic toys that you may have a hard time putting down. PlayableART’s design team went well out of their way to develop original variations of their unique toys by mixing up the color palettes and materials so there’s a style for every fidgety creator. Personally, I’m a big fan of the vibrant rainbow of colors and smooth wooden surfaces of the classic PlayableART Ball and Cube, but the new Angle design really caught my attention when it recently launched.

PlayableART BallPlayableART BallIn addition to being able to bend, twist and control each toy in an infinite number of visually interesting styles, certain models feature interchangeable parts. For example, you can combine the Ball, Stick and Angle sculptures to create all kinds of curved, jagged, boxy and wavy objects that look like they belong in a modern art museum. Sometimes, the best toys out there aren’t electronic, branded with movie or cartoon characters, or noisy; Plop one of these multi-piece puzzles in front of any child or adult that thinks and lives “outside the box,” and you’ve got many hours of entertainment, as well as a toy that belongs in the middle of the coffee table when playtime’s over.
PlayableART CubePlayableART Cube
You can get the entire PlayableART collection over at Amazon, so head on over to claim your Stick and Trixagon sets soon!
PlayableART TrixagonPlayableART Trixagon
Source: Beyond123
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