Get Your Java Fix On The Road With The Smart Pot To Go


Mornings can be very chaotic and many of us can’t imagine facing the day without our morning cup of coffee.  While there are drive thrus on every corner peddling their java creations, it can really add up stopping at these places several times a week.  For this reason many people have gone back to brewing their own pot before leaving for work.  This is a great option except for those mornings when you are running completely behind schedule.  Not only are you stressed out about getting to the office on time, but you have to go there without your morning fix…

…or maybe not.  The Smart Pot To Go Portable Heating Appliance allows you to boil water in your car.  Sure, it sounds pretty dangerous to be boiling water while you are driving your car, but when you’re desperate you take your chances I guess.  You are also going to have to settle for instant coffee, but it may be better than nothing.

Seriously though, for camping trips this could be really handy as it will also heat up soup and other meals.  The cord plugs into the cigarette holder and the appliance even has an on/off switch.  It can heat 20 oz. of liquid/food at a time.  You can find the Smart Pot here.


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