Get Your Olympic Fix With NBC's Fantastic Site

The Olympics are easily one of the most amazing global cultural events that occurs on broadcast television.  If you find yourself with Olympic fever, but can't find the time to watch all the events that you love, fear not. NBC has created a website that will bring you all the coverage you could ever desire without the hassel of having to be in front of your television until 4 a.m.

Their new site features every single event in its entirety via online streaming video, so you won't miss a thing.  There's also loads of breaking news concerning the world's athletes, leader boards for medal totals, links to tweets and blog posts about the Olympics, stunning photography, and full coverage of Team USA. You can literally find everything you're looking for all in one spot.

The site requires that you install something called Microsoft Silverstream, which works with any browser and streams media in WMV format from Microsoft's own media servers.  You also need to confirm that you are a subscriber to a service provider that has a deal with NBC in order to view the videos.  The install is quick and easy, and I had no trouble showing I was a subscriber to Optimum Online, as the site recognized my IP address without me even having to do anything.

What's great about this site is that it is 100% comprehensive.  The overall coverage of the events is far-reaching, and it's wonderful that they've decided to put every single event in its entirety onto the site.  I watched all 3 hours of couples short program figureskating without a single issue.  Go get your Olympic fever going, and show your support for your favorite atheltes in the comments!