Get Your Own Poly-Bot Kit on Kickstarter


Have you ever wanted to build your own robot? Oh, come on. You know that you have. If you're going to build a robot then you may want to consider a poly-bot. This type of robot is made by assembling modules that can take a variety of forms. If you have ever wanted to get in with bots on the ground floor then you may want to consider LinkBot.

Its creators describe as, "The Linkbot is a modular robot platform. What sets the Linkbot apart is that it’s fully functional as an individual robot. You can start using the Linkbot right out of the box! Very easy to expand! What makes the Linkbot unique is its unlimited capability to expand. The Linkbot is equipped with 3 mounting surfaces to attach additional modules or accessories. You can use our SnapConnectors to easily snap-on accessories such as wheels, a gripper, a camera mount.and more. There’s also a #6-32 bolt pattern on each mounting surface so you can attach virtually anything to the Linkbot."

The project is currently looking for funding through Kickstarter. If you want to get in donations start at $1.

Image and Source: Kickstarter