Get Your Spy On With Hidden Camera Spectacles!

Hidden Camera GlassesHidden Camera Glasses

Cameras are in just about everything these days, or so it would seem, and while you might alwaus have four of them in your purse or pocket at any given time contained in your electronics, you still need to have free hands to use them. A recent creation solves this problem and helps you get your spy on!

The very first glasses have been created the contain a video camera. They're very James Bond since they're not just a novelty item; the glasses are actually made with prescription lenses and are designed to be an individuals full-time eye-wear. It just so happens that their eye-wear has a spy camera on board just in case there's ever the opportunity to covertly tape someone in HD. According to their maker, these glasses weren't designed to be all spy-like, but are instead meant to be convenient since they offer hands-free filming. Pretty cool, and a great gift idea for a secret spy in your life! These hidden camera glasses  are now available on Amazon here.

Via: TrendHunter

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Dec 20, 2010
by Anonymous

How much???

Love 2 sample for reading specs & download data to my PC, laptop.
Neat idea.

Can trash glasses & get new ones?
Data lost IF camera lost???

Problems, problems BUT Good idea.