Get Your Twitter Friends' Mugs On A Social Media Mug

Tweeting while you sip your morning (or afternoon, or evening) coffee just got a lot more social - as in, social media. CrowdedInk is offering up a cool way to jolt your java: the social media mug. Just add Twitter and mind the jitters, as you'll want to top up your Twitter mug as often as you tweet.

CrowdedInk just asks you to input your Twitter username and press the "Make Your Mug" button at their website's home page. At some point in the process you'll be required to pay $15 - not overly prohibitive for a custom mug that's as unique and individual as you are.

Potential buyers should be aware that unlike your list of Twitter friends, your Twitter mug won't update as time goes by. On the other hand if you keep on adding friends you could always order another mug.(via Technabob and The Presurfer)