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WordAhead is a simple site that features a slew of videos for you to sift through and learn new vocabularly words.  Their hope is to make a service that makes learning new vocabulary easier than reading definitions by giving you a short video to explain the word and how it is used.

The site, which is currently in public beta testing,  features some 515 videos of different vocabulary words.  Far short of being a literal dictionary, WordAhead focuses on more distinct or uncommon English terms, making it perfect for getting that "word of the day" fix.  When you first come to the site, you'll see a selection of some off-beat vocabulary, and options to go deeper into the site.

Just clicking around on WordAhead will give you a lot of material to take in.  The videos are also very useful in learning new words.  Each has a simple definition and a little cartoon that goes along with an example of how to use the word in multiple contexts.   You'll also get a list of related terms, as well as a navigation bar to bring you to different parts of the alphabet.

Abase (v.) to ashame or embarrass someone elseAbase (v.) to ashame or embarrass someone else

The service is a good start for an aspiring video definition service.  The videos are all very easy to understand, and WordAhead is making the right choice by focusing on terms that are less used in everyday conversation.  The only feature I'd hope to see improvement on is the  Study Room, which puts a bunch of words in a playlist and tries to teach you a whole bunch of words at once.  If it was a little more organized, it would be more effective.  Other than that, WordAhead is a great way to get your "word of the day" and is definitely worth a look.

Apr 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Thanks for a nice review!

On behalf of the WordAhead team, id like to thank you for visiting our collection of vocabulary videos at and posting a nice review of our website. We are working on giving users an option of creating their own Word Lists in the Study Room according to their level of learning. Pretty soon, Teachers will be able to make and share the lists with their students, tailored especially to meet the level and grade of their students.
I hope students and educators alike will enjoy the learning our website offers.
Thank you
Faiza Khan