GetFitsu Is The Card Game That Will Get You In Shape

GetFitsu Card GameGetFitsu Card Game

Sometimes it's hard to stick to a fitness routine. It's hard to stay motivated and it's hard to fit in time to work out. Working out with others helps. It also helps when the workouts are fun. That's just what the GetFitsu Fitness Card Game promises--a fun workout with friends.

You won't need any equipment for this game/workout, and your level of fitness shouldn't matter, as the cards have exercises for any level (7 levels of exercise). The cards include core exercises, leg exercises and pushing and pulling exercises. 

GetFitsu FitnessGetFitsu Fitness

There are many different ways to play, depending on the intensity and type of workout you want, and an unlimited number of players can participate. You'll find the easier exercises at the top of the cards (starting with A.), and the exercises will get progressively harder. This progression will teach you how you can make different exercises easier or harder. 

GetFitsu is ideal for anyone looking for some motivation or fun in their workouts or those who don't have access to exercise equipment. At $20, it's not a bad buy. 

Source: GetFitsu Kickstarter