Getting Personal: Classic Stories Customized To Make You The Hero Or Heroine

We've seen businesses that put you in the starring role of Hollywood movies, and those that make children the main character in a tale, and continuing right along with the story customization theme is Getting Personal.

Getting PersonalGetting Personal

Unlike the other customizable story businesses we've seen so far, this one is more classic in its approach, using classic tales where individuals can become the heroes and heroines of the stories. They're also set apart from the competition in the story and movie customization industry, since not only can one person become the star of the tale; in many of the classic novels, it's also possible to personalize up to 5 other characters in the novel to make them characters in the stories.

Personalized Classic NovelsPersonalized Classic Novels

Classic novel titles included in Getting Personal's inventory are Alice in Wonderland, Dracula, Pride and Prejudice, the Hounds of Baskerville and more. To keep the storylines clear even with the customization, the books include a complete cast list, and if you are a gift giver, you can have the cover of the novel customized to include you as one of the authors, so the recipient will never forget just how thoughtful you were.

Getting Personal's classic novel customization offers up an interesting concept, but I can't see it having the same popularity as with books meant for children since classic novels might appeal to a more mature crowd. That brand does offer a number more customizable products than the classic novels, but these are unequivocally the most unique item on offer!

Oct 24, 2009
by Anonymous

I can see this many genres alone

Sci Fic
Graphic Novels
Fantasy & Horror.