Getting Your Holiday Photos Into Art


The holidays may be long gone, but how will those fond family memories be remembered? Will images of fun times with family and friends end up sitting on digital cameras, hard drives and memory sticks, or will they bring a smile to all who see them?

A new online service called ,  is makeing the second option more likely: Using the online photo-to-art service, anyone can turn cherished holiday memories into real works of art to display year-round.

Given the tumbs up of pop culture icon Oprah via its inclusion in her popualr O List, allows the customer to upload any digital image and in just a few seconds transform it into one of over 30 different art styles, including oil painting, watercolor, pop art, photo collage, fantasy, charcoal sketch, stained glass and more.

Available in just about any size from eight inches square to six feet by 20 feet, pieces are printed onto archival paper, rolled canvas or gallery wrapped and stretched canvas using a proprietary artist's-quality giclee process. Customers can choose to have their art mounted and framed by or to ship it unframed.

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Jan 8, 2009
by Anonymous

There is a better idea

How about a low cost way to upload a bunch of photos and have that turned into a collage photo that you can use to wrap gifts? Maybe upload a bunch of photos of Grandma from the time she was young until she was in her 80's, have it printed on blank gift wrap, and then send her a gift wrapped in paper that had that as a collage?

I think if they could make the cost reasonable that would be "neat" gift wrap!