Ghastly Ghost Japanese Eye Drops Tongue Will Get You Hooked

Applying eye drops is horrifying enough for some folks but this cute ghost-shaped eye drops tongue from Japan has to be an opti-phobic's worst nightmare.

Designed to hook under the user's lower eyelid (*shudder*) and prevent the eye from reflexively blinking, this bizarre eye drops “helper” actually won a special award at a Japanese all-invention contest.

Named “akanbeh” because it closely resembles someone's tongue stuck out like Einstein in that famous Fifties photo, the plastic eye drops helper comes two to a package – one white and one pink, presumably his & hers. Each is decorated with two big round black eyes and a tiny red smile because, well, because Japan.

The user is expected to fasten an akanbeh to their little bottle of eye drops using double-sided tape. Next comes the tricky part... lift the enhanced bottle to the eye and gently hook the akanbeh's flange under the lower eyelid and pull outward.

Assuming you haven't fainted yet either by doing this or simply reading about it, squeeze the eye drops bottle until the required number of drops is deposited into the handy pocket formed by pulling the eyelid outward.

The shape of the akanbeh acts as a funnel, preventing spills and waste while the flange holds the eye open and ready to receive the medication. Sort of like a home version of the Clockwork Orange therapy scene combined with the Robot Chicken intro, plus eye drops.

Though the medieval mechanics of the akanbeh eye drops helper would seem to apply to users of any age – kids will love it! - it's being advertised online along with other products designed for use by seniors. Kind of gives new meaning to the concept of elder abuse, amiright? (via Jonelle Patrick and Konnandoo)